Technical Notes

Here is some useful information I have picked up over four years of ownership. More will be added to this site in time.

Manuals available for the GT-Four

Wiring diagrams 

Autronic information

     Autronic SMC Installation  

     Distributor Modification  

3S-GTE information

     3S-GTE Engine Transplant Information (fitting MR2 engine to GT-Four)

     3S-GTE Fitment to fwd Celica (fitting 3S-GTE engine to NA Celica shell) 

      Engine Comparison Table

      Head Variations

     ST205 Engine Photos 

     CT20B Turbo Photos 

     MAP Sensor Voltage Output 

3S-GTE engine component repair

      Distributor rebuild   ST185, ST205 and all SW20

     Throttle Position Sensor repair

General GT-Four information

      ST205 Superstrut front suspension 

     ST205 Group A homologation features 

Gearbox information

      Gearbox identification and photos 

      Gearbox final drive modification

      Differential description  

      Description of gearbox operation

      Recommended gearbox oil


Bosch BOV

Suspension Modifications

      Replacement of rear hub pivot bushes

     Chassis Dynamics Discussion

     ST205 Suspension Modifications


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