Reworked stock CT20B. This is a ST205 turbo. The turbine side showing the dual port wastegate. This is not a ceramic turbine. The seven stud flange indicates it is a CT20B.


Close up of the steel turbine.  Note the fine edges to the turbine,  not so apparent with ceramic turbines.  This has been overhauled,  hence the clean appearance.  The turbine minor diameter is 50.0mm,  the major is 60.0mm. Close up of the ceramic turbine.  It is the same size as the steel turbine and uses the same turbine housing.  Easily identified by the casting seams on the round section of the shaft immediately below the hex on the end.


The stock Group A anti-lag manifold. This was fitted to all homologation ST205's and directs bypass air through the stainless tubes into each port. This is not operational and needs an ECU change to make it so. Everything installed,  minus the downpipe.  The tubes running from the special Group A valve at the top of the photo can be seen running to the exhaust runners.

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