Manuals for the GT-Four

Note: Manual codes ending in 'E' mean Europe models (including Australia and NZ), 'U' means USA models.

Please contact me (rdweb at if I have left gaps (for example there is a Europe ST165 Supplement I'm missing).

There are other non-Toyota manuals out there, but you get what you pay for.

###   *NOTE* - I can't sell you any of these manuals,   contact your Toyota Dealer or try for a New Zealand dealership  ###

###   I *cannot* make copies of these manuals   ###


RM071U     Celica 1988 Repair Manual
RM072U     Celica All-Trac 1988 Repair Manual
EWD036U  Celica Electrical Wiring Diagram Manual 1988 (incl. All-Trac)
NCF033U   Celica All-Trac 1988 New Car Features
BRM001E   Celica Collision Damaged Body Repair Manual


RM164E     3S-GE, 3S-GTE and 5S-FE Engine Repair Manual - Nov. 89
RM266E     Celica GT-Four Carlos Sainz Supplement - Aug. 91
RM155E     Celica Chassis and Body  Repair Manual
RM263E     Repair manual supplement for Chassis & Body -Aug. 91
EWD077Y    Celica Electrical Wiring Diagram
EWD105F     Celica Electrical Wiring Diagram Supplement
EWD142F     Celica Electrical Wiring Diagram Supplement


RM396E     3S-GE Engine Repair Manual
RM398E     3S-GTE Engine Repair Manual Supplement - Feb. 94
RM399E      ST205 Body Manual
ERM101E   3S-GTE Engine Emission Control Repair Manual
EWD198Y  ST202 Electrical Manual 1993
EWD204F   ST205 Electrical Manual Supplement 1994
EWD269F   ST20X Electrical Manual Supplement Sep 1995
EWD343F   ST20X Electrical Manual Supplement Dec 1997

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