End view of 3S-GTE,  showing the smooth cambelt cover introduced with this model. The front view.  Note that the turbo and downpipe had not been fitted at this stage.  The special valve for the Group A model is to the right of the IC inlet pipe.


Note the block has been painted silver,  it is cast steel.  The aluminium sump pan (HPC coated) has a pressed steel section right at the bottom.  The rear view clearly shows the angle the engine is mounted on!  The IC at the top is almost flat in the car.



Now with the turbo fitted.  Visible are the BOV valve for the antilag system (just above turbo outlet,  with pipes disappearing under the manifold heatshield) and one of the antilag fittings on the manifold (visible between yellow dipstick and lifting hook at left of photo). These are the valves on the back of the block specific to the Group A model's antilag system.  There is a vacuum canister,  two VSV's and lots of hoses!


The inlet manifold off the engine.  Note the ports are far smaller than the earlier engine due to lack of TVIS. The back view showing the well shaped runners.


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