GT-Four Model Variation - ST205

The ST205 was released in February 1994.   The first 2500 cars produced (these were not numbered sequentially) were homologation specials.  This meant they were fitted with a number of items not intended for later production vehicles to allow these parts to be used on rally cars.

The homologation cars (called WRC in Japan, Group A Rallye in Australia and Group A elsewhere) were fitted with extensions to the rear wing.  These substantially increase downforce at the rear however they apparently knock 20 kph off of top speed.  The intercooler is a different part number on the Group A,  but I have not confirmed the difference.  Additionally the cars have three nozzles fitted to the inside of the front bumper which (although non-operational on street cars) can spray water on the intercooler radiator.  This system has an additional chamber on the windscreen washer bottle and an extra pump,  however this is not wired up.   Finally the cars are fitted with an anti-lag system.  The exhaust manifold has a pipe going to each branch just after the head.  A special blow-off valve directs air down these pipes.  With a corresponding retardation of timing, fuel is burnt in the manifold keeping the turbo spinning.  Again (thankfully for turbo life) this is not operational on street cars.

The ST205 had many differences over the earlier cars.  For a start the engine is all new,  the distributor and the crank pulley being the only (major) common parts.  The car also no longer uses MacPherson strut front suspension,  but uses Toyota's "Superstrut" set-up.  While the ST185 was basically a ST165 with a differently styled body (structure wise) the ST205 structure is significantly changed,  the front suspension is all bolted to a subframe for example.

Production ended during August 1999.   Except for a minor mid life update (different tailights, headlights,  spoiler etc) there were no significant changes.


A very bright ST205 engine bay. Very surprisingly this car is not fitted with ABS (an option for the Japanese market), the actuator normally being fitted alongside the alternator.  Note this is not a Group A model. Here is a photo of the homologated wing extensions on my ST205.


Late in 1997 the Celica was given different headlights for the Japanese market.  The lenses are now clear and the low beam lights are elliptical.   Unfortunately they are not cheap! A bodykitted ST205 in Japan.


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