Photos from the Rally of New Zealand

2002 Rally of New Zealand

2000 Rally of New Zealand

Ever wondered how close you can get to top-line rallying?   How about this close...
(Carlos Sainz's Ford Focus WRC)
Juha Kankkunen's Subaru Impreza WRC2000

A Group N ST205 GT-Four,  bought out from Germany.   Love those lights...
The car was driven by Michael Kahlfuss.

The engine bay of the GT-Four above.  Being Group N,   the engine is essentially stock.  It did have the GT-Four Group A model anti-lag activated though.

1998 Rally of New Zealand

The line up in Parc Ferme for the 1998 rally. Carlos Sainz,  winner of the 1998 Rally of New Zealand.   Note the kiwis on the door.

A non-TTE car at the 1998 rally.

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