Diary of a Mad Project - 1999

On the 26th of July 1999 I bought another GT-Four. It is a NZ new 1994 Toyota Celica GT-Four Group A, build number 2319. As you can see from the photos, it is slightly dented... the rebuild will take some time :-).

Although it looks bad, the damage is only from the suspension tower forward, and there is minimal structural damage. New bonnet, bumper and fender are required obviously.



After the fender, lights and bumper have been removed. Visible are the gearbox cooler, the intercooler radiator and the AC condenser.

6 September

The front end is now fully stripped. All that is left is the engine/gearbox, steering rack and front suspension/subframe. Radiator, AC condenser and intercooler radiator were all intact.

Damage was as expected, the chassis rail is bent down just forward of the suspension tower. A suspension arm is also bent. Basically looking at replacing/repairing the front quarter.

Next task: remove the engine and get the chassis repaired!

8 December

Well due to a business trip and spring rains little more has happened. I have bought the personalised number plate "GT4GPA" however :-)

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