My ST165 Modifications

Location: Auckland,  New Zealand

GT-Four model: ST165 - Japan Spec
Production year: February 1987
Frame number: ST165-0001428
Colour: Metallic grey/grey half leather interior

Modification List:   (Note:   Most of these modifications have been removed and fitted to the ST205)

16" NZW Sekta alloy wheels with 205-50ZR16 Toyo T1-S
Custom made Bilstein front shocks with 2-1/2" adjustable spring platforms
Group N Bilstein rear shocks with 2-1/2" adjustable spring platforms
Polyurethane suspension bushes all around
ST185RC gearbox with ST205 final drive ratio
Kevlar/Ceramic clutch with ACT 2300lb pressure plate
ST185 front disks and calipers
Pagid "Yellow" endurance race pads (for circuit use)
Bosch BOV
K&N airbox insert
Modified ducting to airbox
Profec B boost controller (running 8.5psi/12psi)
Ultra Turbo Timer
HKS boost gauge
EGT gauge
A/F ratio meter (homemade)
Oil catch can (homemade)
Vernier cam pulleys (homemade)
Nardi Torino Steering wheel
Momo Long Anatomic gearknob
Airhorns   ;-)

Future Mods:

New car purchase means all future mods are cancelled!

Current Stereo Equipment

Panasonic Cassette deck
Panasonic DSP unit
Panasonic 8 disk CD changer
Panasonic 40W x 2 amplifier running front speakers
Panasonic 6" x 9" rear speakers in custom made luggage lid
Panasonic 5-1/4" component front speakers

Can you guess which company I used to work for? :-)

Oh, and a damn good alarm and anti-theft precautions.

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