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 GT-Four email list:-, type in gt4 in the search field

Dennis Heath's Webpage

Stephen Gunter's Webpage

Saffo's page

Jose's page

Japanese GT-Four Webpages

There are a wealth of GT-Four webpages in Japanese out there.  Now before you say it,  no I can't read Kanji!  I've nosed around a few Japanese pages lately and there is a heap of info on them if you can read it.

Try the Google search engine,  type in "GT-Four" and you will find loads of pages.  Enter them into the translation page listed below and it will convert the Japanese into English (kind of).

Japanese-English Translation page

Toyota Associated Webpages

Toyota Team Europe.

Toyota Japan Homepage. Some good stuff (in Japanese), but hard to find.

MR2 Owners Club of New Zealand, Inc

Supra Club of New Zealand

Other Webpages - Autospeed online car magazine - Blitz Japanese website.

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