First Dyno Run

During February 2002 I did the first dyno run.   By this stage the car has done 5000kms since engine rebuild and may be considered nicely run in.  I have been running around 14psi on the street.

The car was run on a 4wd dyno (since the ST205 lacks the 2wd gear selector)

Weather was around 25 Celsius and dry.

The run was in 3rd gear at about 1.1 bar (15.6 psi).  We couldn't get the Profec B to give more boost without fuel cut.  A bit of knob twiddling on the road is required.

To convert speed on this graph to rpm multiply by 46.96 (calculated for my tyres and ratios).

Maximum power was 144kW @ 5800 rpm.  This was a bit disappointing but the answer was readily available in the 10.8 air fuel ratio!   The car is running way too rich,  and I'm at a loss as to why.  At least I can confidently turn the boost up when the controller is sorted.  Max plenum temp during the runs was 58 Celsius which isn't too bad.

dyno.jpg (34542 bytes)


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