1979 Alfasud Sprint 1.5

My first car! Only owned this for about 6 months back in early '94. Enjoyed it heaps and learned a lot about cars and, erm,... rust!   Handled great considering its age and wussy 84 bhp engine. Came out one morning to find it had dissolved...

This car was totally stock, except for the TRX wheels off a later Alfasud.

1983 Toyota Celica XX 2000GT Twincam 24

Yep, that was the full official name of my second car, a Celica Supra (the export name). Had this for two years and it was reasonably reliable.  No-where near as fun to drive as the Alfa.  I fitted a freeflow exhaust from the headers back (BIG improvement),  tweaked the cam timing (more low-down torque) and fitted a K&N filter pod.  After it blew a chunk of headgasket out (causing an impressive traffic jam because of the steam cloud!) I didn't trust it.

It was fitted with a 2.0 litre straight six, the 1G-GE. This was rated at 160 bhp (JIS) stock, but realistically was around 150bhp with the mods above. The engine's best features was the way it revved perfectly smoothly to the 8050rpm revcut. Yes, 8050rpm. A rev limiter like that was not too bad in 1982 (when the engine was released). The 1G-GE was Toyota's first production multivalve engine. BTW, when rebuilding a 6 cylinder engine don't underestimate the time it takes to lap in 24 valves!!

My two tone gray Celica Supra. It was fitted with 15" three piece alloys.

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